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Immunodeficiency Research Center

Immunodeficiency Research Center The research center related to immunodeficiency diseases categorized under the broader term of infectious diseases was established 6 years ago in the year 2008.‎ This center was able to receive a legal permit from the Medical University of Isfahan in 2013 with the supervision of Dr.‎ Roya Sherkat in order to continue its scientific investigations in the form of an independent research center.‎ At the moment, this research center has 60 members which are scientists and professors of the university, which are professionals and experienced people from various field of study.‎ Their mission is to come up with innovative methods and procedures for diagnosis and treatment of immunodeficiency diseases which are low in costs and expenses in order to lend a helping hand to the patients.‎ The professional members of the center strive to overcome problems facing primary immunodeficiency patients and increase scientific research in the area of primary immunodeficiency diseases (PIDs).‎ • The immunodeficiency research center is conducting research with the following objectives in mind: • Providing conditions for promoting scientific research in the area of diagnosis and treatment of PIDs • Increasing the scientific and research potentials and abilities of the members of the research center • Making advancements in conducting research and making use of available facilities and low-costing methods for identifying and treating immunodeficiency patients • Conducting research which contains practical implications for immunodeficiency patients • Initiating and getting under way the educational, research, prevention, and treatment sections of the research center and also the genetics, immunology, oncology, hematology, autoimmunity, transplant, and psychotherapy sections of the center.‎ This research center has taken a step forward and has provided opportunities for increasing the community’s awareness towards immunodeficiency diseases.‎ It has spread word on how immunodeficiency diseases can be prevented and has also provided a data-bank containing information about the patients diagnosed with immunodeficiency diseases.‎
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